Depressed …Shh …

One thing that feeds depression, that’s not inside of you
Is how the outside world reacts, when they hear the news

Some people seem to fear the word, that’s why so many hide
Some people have no time for you, attention seek they say

Some people just avoid you, even when good friends
Some people will be there for you, to help you find your way

But one thing I have found in truth, is you really can’t rely
On guessing who will still be there, when you stumble, fall and cry


No title yet …

Home, where it’s warm, in the quiet,where it’s safe
I can hide, in the dark, shut my eyes, forget I’m there
Sleep, the day away, not involved, in anything
Don’t mess up, the ones I love, with being down, or doing wrong
Silent, is what I am, all curled up, laying down
I wish that I, could never leave, this place I’m in, please leave me here


Sometimes I just feel dead inside, a hollow empty shell
My arms, my legs, they weight a ton, i swear they’ll never move
My thoughts are few, my brain is numb, no hopes, no dreams, no happy things
The sadness washes over me, like it’s seeping in my skin, it wants to take a hold of me, I don’t want to let it in
But the inevitable it happens, like each and every time, no matter what I try to do, it’s a fight I never win
I want to ask for help, but my lips they will not move, my brain won’t form a sentence, that’s coherent to you

By now I’m feeling very full, of hurt, pain, nerves and worry. Thoughts churn around inside my head, there really is too many
There’s nothing left for me to try, it has it’s hooks in me. The turmoil that’s inside me now, I fear will never leave
Inside my head I’m screaming ” just stop, please, no , no , no” those really are the words I say. It’s not me in control
This rising swell, this mental state, that started off as empty. Has filled my head with negative, not one, not two, but many
This is the battle that’s deep inside, the one I try to fight. But eventually you find yourself to tired to find the light


The light in her eyes that you love so much
That burns so bright, her face lights up
Look closer at her and you’ll start to see
The light’ so dull, she’s unhappy
With the tone that you use to answer her
That light dims more, it’s slow torture
She finds it so hard, to cope each day
Remember that, please find a way
As the light in her eyes that you love so much
That burns so bright, her face lights up
Has almost gone out, it seems so dark
It’s gone so cold, there is no spark

If ..

If they stop talking to you
You’ll start to feel ignored

If they stop listening to you
You’ll start to lose your voice

If the stop involving you
You’ll start to fade away

If they stop remembering you
You’ll completely lose your way

Not the best but so true

So alone, although your here
So tired, trying not to care

My heart breaks everyday
There’s nothing that I can say

So much I hold inside
I don’t know how to hide

You ask what’s up with you
But you just won’t hear the truth

I die inside each day
And I know it’s on my face
I can’t hide my fears no more
It’s something you seem to ignore

Why did you do this to me
What did I do so wrong
For you to be this way
I tried until that day
You showed no care for me
You left me all alone
When all is said and done
You won’t give me what I need

I remember when …

I remember when, I felt safe with you
Like I could tell you anything
But that was before, when things were ok
Now you just don’t want to know

There was a time, if someone hurt me
You’d be there to stand by my side
Then one day you seemed to turn on me
And I honestly don’t know why

So now I’m faced with the knowledge
That I really am all on my own
If anyone’s words do upset me
Your really not wanting to know

So tell me how this is the right way
To be in a relationship
To know that the one your in love with
Will never be there for support